The Free Firearm Sound Library was where it all began. We set out to provide a crowd funded library of high quality firearm sound effects that, once published, would become free forever to all the wonderful people in the sound community. After a rousing success, we revisited crowd funding to produce the Medieval Weapons Sound Effects Library. These libraries took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) to produce. You may use any of our sounds freely, with no royalties, and no credit needs to be given (although it is always appreciated). If you like, send us an email about your project that uses our sounds, we always love to see where they end up. We have divided our sounds into several groups, and you can direct download them via our Mediafire file storage for free! Scroll down for the download links.

Firearm Sound Effects - Prepared Gunshots

These files include all the gunshots we recorded, with a little of our own editing. These are "plug and play" sound files that can be for the most part put into a piece of work with no editing other than leveling on your part. Easy to use, but limited in how you can customize them. 218 MB .zip file.

Firearm Sound Effects - Raw Master Tracks

This is the master sound library for the firearms recordings. Includes all mechanical sounds for all guns we recorded, as well as the raw gunshots. These raw gunshot sounds are designed for maximum customization. They sound horrible when dropped in without editing. The firearm mechanic sound effects require no editing other than leveling for volume. If you don't want to have to edit gunshots to use in your media, you will want to download the prepared gunshots file above. 3.07 GB .zip file. 

Medieval Sound Effects - Weapon Textures

These tracks are sounds inherently related to each medieval weapon. Things like handling, swings, sheathing, and the like. 218 MB .zip file.

Medieval Sound Effects - Weapon Impacts

These are the sound files that relate to weapons clashing together. All types of weapons smacking into armour and each other. 179 MB .zip file. 

If you enjoy the sounds that's good enough for us, but if you would like to help us with server costs to keep hosting them, feel free to donate a small amount. We greatly appreciate it